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Christian Gouws is a former director of private security firm Erinys South Africa. According to a report by Bonny Schoonakker:

Information lodged with the DTI in Pretoria shows that the company... is steered by South Africans. Garratt is identified as a resident of the Dainfern housing estate near Midrand and has a South African ID number indicating his age as 41. Other directors of Erinys include Christian Gouws of Menlo Park, Pretoria, and Sean Michael Cleary of Constantia, Cape Town. A fourth director, Alastair Morrison, is listed as living in France. Garratt's assistant said Gouws and Cleary had resigned from the company, but their departures were not reflected in the latest data from the DTI.[1]

Gouws is an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa and the Director of Shelf Company Warehouse in South Africa[2].

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