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Chris White

Chris White has been the Conservative Party MP for Warwick and Leamington since 2010.[1] In the 2015 general election he retained his seat with a majority of 6,606. [2]

He is also a board member at Policy Connect [3], a 'leading network of Parliamentary groups, research commissions, forums and campaigns' that aims to inform and improve UK public policy. [4]

He is also a patron of the Leamington based international charity, Cord. [5]

In 2015 he was appointed chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group.

Social Value Act

In 2010 White authored the Public Services (Social Value) Act which passed through Parliament in 2012. Implemented in 2013, the Social Value Act imposes on all public bodies a duty to consider how the services they commission might improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the area. [5] In January 2013 White was appointed by the Government to act as the UK's first ever social value ambassador, meaning that he was tasked with overseeing and encouraging improvements in the social, environmental and economic impact of public services contracts. [3]



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