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Chris Pope, is 'Intelligence Manager for a leading company within the Critical National Infrastructure, where he is responsible for collecting, analysing and reporting on relevant security intelligence.'[1] He is also an Associate Fellow and former Head of Intelligence at the Royal United Services Institute for the Homeland Security & Resilience Department and editor of the RUSI/Jane's Monitor homeland security magazine. RUSI is an officially supported think tank with premises beside the Ministry of Defence Headquarters on Whitehall.

Pope 'spent eight years as a journalist, specialising in aerospace, defence and security issues for the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and several publishing firms.'[2]

Pope is a former student of Anthony Glees who holds a Masters degree in Intelligence and Security Studies, which he studied at the Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies.[3] He was co-author of a report with Glees entitled When Students Turn to Terror which smeared several British universities by claiming that they had played a role in encouraging Islamist 'terrorism'.[4] The report was published by the right wing Neocon connected Social Affairs Unit.


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