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The China General Nuclear Power Group (Chinese: 中国广核集团), formerly China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (Chinese: 中国广东核电集团), is a major nuclear power corporation under the SASAC of the Chinese State Council.


CGN currently owns Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station (GNPS) and Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station (LNPS) Phase I with nearly 4000 MWe of installed generating capacity. It has six new nuclear power stations under construction with another 4 in plan.

Negotiations with EDF Energy

In 2013 the China General Nuclear Power Group was in negotiations with EDF Energy to invest in a proposed £10bn nuclear station at Hinkley Point in the UK. According to the Sunday Times, the Chinese firm is believed to be willing to take up to a 50 per cent stake, 'but only if it is granted some operational control, as opposed to being a passive financial investor'. [1]

On 16 October 2013 Chancellor George Osborne announced a 'civil nuclear co-operation agreement' with the Chinese government, paving the way for the CGNPG to invest in Hinkley.

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