Charles de Haes

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Former director general of the World Wildlife Fund.

In 1991, the Independent reported claims that de Haes knew of the WWF's role in Operation Lock.

Ian Parker, an ivory consultant, says he was first consulted by Dr Hanks in January 1987 about investigating the rhino horn traffic. According to Mr Parker, Dr Hanks assured him that money could be provided in an unaccountable manner, channelled through companies and individuals, and that only Dr Hanks and the WWF director-general, Charles de Haes, would know about the project.
Mr de Haes joined WWF as personal assistant to Prince Bernhard while the prince was International President. For the first three years, Mr de Haes's salary was paid by his former employer, the South African businessman Anton Rupert, a trustee of WWF International and president of the South African Nature Foundation.[1]


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