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Charles Wolfson (9 February 1899- 13 April 1970) was born in Glasgow, Scotland to Solomon Wolfson and Necha Sarah Wolfson, (nee Wilamowski). He was one of 11 children including his brother Isaac Wolfson, who later ran Great Universal Stores and created the Wolfson Foundation.

Charles married Hylda Wolfson, (nee Jarvis) in Willesden in 1931 and they had two children: Jane Stern Lebell (born 1932, who in the 1970s and 80s was national chairman of the Women's Division of State of Israel Bonds in the US[1]) and David Wolfson (born on 9 November 1935 in Willesden).

Charles joined Great Universal Stores and was by 1938 Assistant Managing Director to his brother Isaac (who was Managing Director).[2]

With his son David, Wolfson created the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust, a UK grant making charity controlled today by his son and family - one branch of the wealthy Wolfson family. The charity was created by a Trust Deed dated 14 July 1960 and was registered as a UK charity on 8 January 1965. [3] As at 8 July 2010 the trustees were Charles Wolfson's son, Thatcher's former Chief of Staff David Wolfson, his two sons Simon and Andrew, and Sara Leven. [4] [5]

Charles' brother was Isaac Wolfson who was chairman of Great Universal Stores and co-founder of the separate Wolfson Foundation. [6]

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Brother: Isaac Wolfson and sister in law: Edith Wolfson (nee Specterman) Nephew: Leonard Wolfson Son: David Wolfson Grand son: Simon Wolfson


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