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Charles Naylor is a freelance consultants, who has worked for HSBC Holdings plc, Centrica plc and Shell UK.


After a career in opera, Naylor began working for some of the biggest oil and utilities companies in the world. in 198 he joined Shell UK as an advertising manager, then he joined American oil company Amerada Hess (now The Hess Corporation) as the head of corporate affairs in 1992 and finally in 1998 was appointed group director of corporate affairs at Centrica plc.

Naylor then moved to the financial world. In 2004 he was appointed chief communications officer at Credit Suisse and then co-head of global communications at HSBC Holdings plc in 2011. Naylor held the role jointly with Pierre Goad, with Naylor concentrating on external communications and Goad taking responsibility for internal affairs and strategic communications. After Naylor left HSBC, Goad took on his role too.[1]

Since December 2014 he has been undertaking freelance work whilst looking for 'an appropriate permanent role'.[2]



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