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Carl Robert Byoir (1886 — 3 February 1957) was one of the founding fathers of public relations.

Early life

In 1917, Byoir became a member of the Committee on Public Information, which publicly organized the United States objectives for World War I.

Byoir died in 1957. His company prospered for a few more decades and then was taken over by Hill & Knowlton. The Museum of Public Relations states that Byoir said, "the two things required for a successful practitioner were to have an understanding of what motivates people, and to work for a good firm which stood behind him."[1]

Resources, Profiles, Notes


  • Anon, "Carl Byoir Dead; Publicist was 68; Creator of Birthday Balls to Fight Polio Collected 'a Million in One Night'. Started as a Newsman. Propaganda Aide of U.S. in World War I; Directed 'War Against Depression'; Distributed Films Here; Cleared of Nazi Charge" (Obituary), New York Times, (4 February 1957), p.18.
  • The Museum of Public Relations Biography: Carl R. Byoir



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