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The Carbon Trust is an 'independent company funded by the government', the aim of the trust is to 'accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy' the trust advises businesses and organisations on how to lower their carbon emmissions and by developming low carbon technologies.

The Carbon Trust believe that their position 'independent of business and government' allows them to deliver cost effective solutions and to provide analysis and insight in order to move to a more carbon neutral economy. Some may find the Carbon Trust's claims of independence difficult to take seriously. They are funded by the government and managed by big business.

They have three main objectives:

  • 1)To reduce carbon emmissions by emphasising the cost benefits of energy efficency. Businesses are encouraged through a series of financial incentive schemes and interest free loans to invest in the latest technology to achieve this end.
  • 2) To develop low carbon technology through investment and supporting innovation
  • 3) To respond to climate change by encouraging a change in attitudes, behaviour and business processes and by informing government and investors on the best way to tackle climate change.



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