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BusinessEurope, formerly known as UNICE is a key lobbying organisation for business in Brussels. UNICE was rebranded BusinessEurope on 23 January 2007, to coincide with the 50th anniversary celebrations of the European Union.

BusinessEurope states that its new mission means it • Actively promotes the role of enterprises in Europe • Advocates a competitive business environment • Is a recognised social partner in the European Social Dialogue • Is the Voice of Business for building the future of Europe [1]

In 2008 a report by Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) entitled Global Europe: An Open Door Policy for Big Business revealed 'the close involvement of the European employers' federation, BusinessEurope, in drawing up the Global Europe trade strategy. CEO's new report highlights how representatives from BusinessEurope were given privileged access in the preparations of the new strategy, with exclusive meetings with the former Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson and top officials from DG Trade[2].


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