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Professor Brenda Almond is Emeritus Professor of Moral and Social Philosophy at the University of Hull, and also serves as President of the Philosophical Society of England and Vice-President of the Society for Applied Philosophy, the journal of which Almond co-edited, along with conservative activist and academic Anthony O'Hear (adviser to conservative think tanks the Social Affairs Unit[1]and Reform[2]). Almond herself has also been an adviser to conservative think tanks. She was a member of the 'Family Law Review' working group of the Centre for Social Justice[3] and sits on the Academic Advisory Council of Civitas.[4]


According to the Family Education Trust (FET), Almond wrote 'a devastating critique of the government’s teenage pregnancy strategy' for the Daily Mail newspaper. ‘[F]ar from promoting restraint or commitment,the entire emphasis of this politically correct system is on the so-called ‘sexual rights’ of young people'. FET said she was particularly critical of the prevalent approach to sex education in schools ‘with its concentration on self-gratification and its aggressive refusal ever to condemn any form of personal behaviour, no matter how destructive’ and lamented the fact that this ‘nonjudgmental attitude has … become the new secular religion of our times, with any attempt to raise issues of morality now regarded as a form of heresy’. [5]



Almond is author of The Fragmenting Family, published by Oxford University Press, a subject on which she addressed the Family Education Trust annual conference in 2006.[5]



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