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Bellman Books was a series of handbooks produced by the MI6/Information Research Department front group Ampersand in 1955. The series was edited by the Information Research Department affiliated former BBC producer Michael Goodwin. [1] The Information Research Department shipped the series to posts around the world, encouraging local translations, and newspaper and radio serialisations. [2]

The Titles

  • G L Arnold, Peace or war?
  • John Bowle, The nationalist idea
  • Maurice William Cranston, Human rights to-day
  • Denis Healey, Neutralism
  • Geoffrey Francis Hudson, The fanatic and the sane
  • Joseph A Lauwerys, The enterprise of education
  • George Lichtheim, Peace or war?
  • Jules Menken, The economics of defence
  • Leonard Bertram Schapiro, The future of Russia
  • Hugh Seton-Watson, The revolution of our time
  • Basil Joseph Pontifex Woods, Economic co-operation; a contrast in methods
  • G D N Worswick, Modern man's living standards
  • Alfred Zauberman, Economic imperialism; the lesson of eastern Europe


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