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Biographical Information

Avril Nash is a lecturer in developmental psychology at the University of Hertfordshire.


Current activities

Nash's research to date has focused on television advertising and how children respond to its persuasive messages. Her doctoral project was part funded by Ofcom and supervised by Professor Karen Pine (University of Hertfordshire) and Professor David Messer (The Open University). The results of which informed policy change on alcohol advertising and youth appeal.[1]



In reply to an FOI inquiry in January 2009 regarding her membership of the AEF, the University of Hertfordshire replied stating that, " (Dr Nash was) invited to join the network by AEF. (In 2004) The University was not involved in this decision – the membership is personal...There are no formal “terms of membership”. The forum provides a means by which academic researchers in areas related to advertising and children, food advertising and obesity, and advertising self-regulation are able to access a database of publications in this area. (Dr Nash has ) been contacted 3 – 4 times over the course of (her) association with AEF, but at irregular intervals." [3]

Publications, Contact, Resources and Notes



Phone:01707 285072



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