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Target Iran

Avi Jorisch served as an advisor in the Treasury Department's , which has led the charge against Iran. On 1 August, 2011, Jorisch penned an op-ed for New York Times, in which he urged the US government to consider seizing Iran's Washington embassy building (currenlty under State Department trusteeship), citing the seizure of the US embassy by Iranian students in 1979 as a precedent. He writes:

While the government has thus far respected and protected Iran’s property rights and permitted Iranian officials an unparalleled level of freedom, Washington should now seize outright all Iranian assets in the United States and bar as many Iranian officials as possible from our soil...The government should seize all of Iran’s properties in the United States and rent the space to liberal Iranian opposition groups...Seizing Iran’s assets and barring its officials from the United States would send a strong message that Washington aims to stop Iran’s nuclear program by any peaceful means necessary.[1]





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