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The Australian Trade & Industry Alliance (ATI Alliance) is a conglomerate of seven Australian industrial associations, united to campaign against the 2011 Carbon Tax bill.


Members of the alliance consist of: Manufacturing Australia | Australian Coal Association | Housing Industry Association | Australian Retailers Association | Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry | Mineral Council of Australia | Australian Steel Institute

The Minerals Council of Australia is known to have funded $17.2million into a six-week campaign to derail PM Kevin Rudd's 2010 Resource Super-Profits Tax (RSPT). Not only was RSPT withdrawn, Rudd's was forced to leave office.[1]

Behind the PR

The ATI Alliance runs tv and print advertisements, as well as a website and a twitter feed.

PR giant Ogilvy & Mather (Sydney) is named as the registrant behind the ATI Alliance's website domain address

Though the domain's registrant contact name is erroneously listed as 'Domain Administrator', web marketing agency DTDigital is the probable developer behind the website, hosting the site on their domain and holding copyright over the website code. DTDigital is similarly involved in the Australian mining-lobbies other anti-Carbon Tax campaign Australian Mining. This is our story.


Twitter: @getcarbonright



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