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The Atlantic Treaty Association describes itself as

an organization which acts as a network facilitator in the Euro-Atlantic and beyond. The ATA draws together political leaders, academics, and diplomats in an effort to further the values set forth in the North Atlantic Treaty.[1]


As of December 2009:[2]

Members, Associate Members, and Observer Members of the Atlantic Treaty Association

Members of the Atlantic Treaty Association

Association Euro-Atlantique de Belgique | The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria | Atlantic Council of Canada | Jagello 2000 – Czech Euro-Atlantic Council | Atlantsammenslutningen | Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association (EATA) | Association Française pour la Communauté | Atlantique | Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft | Greek Association for the Atlantic and European | Cooperation | Hungarian Atlantic Council | Samtök um Vestraena Samvinnu | Comitato Atlantico Italiano | Latvian Transatlantic Organisation | Lithuanian Atlantic Treaty Association | Comité Atlantique du Luxembourg | Atlantische Commissie | Den Norske Atlanterhavskomite | Stowarzyszenie Euro-Atlantyckie | Commissão Portuguesa do Atlantico | Euro-Atlantic Council Romania – Casa NATO | Slovak Atlantic Commission | Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia | Asociacion Atlantica Española | Atlantic Council of Turkey | Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom | Atlantic Council of the United States[3]

Associated Members of the Atlantic Treaty Association

Atlantic Council of Albania | Armenian Atlantic Association | Euro-Atlantic Association of Austria | Azerbaijan Atlantic Cooperation Association | Alliance for Security Bosnia & Herzegovina | Atlantic Council of Croatia | Atlantic Council of Finland | Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia | Euro-Atlantic Club of Georgia | Euro-Atlantic Association of Moldova | Euro-Atlantic Club of Montenegro | Association for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation | Atlantic Council of Serbia | Swedish Atlantic Council | Atlantic Council of Ukraine [3]

Observer Members of the Atlantic Treaty Association

Atlantic Forum of Israel [3]

See also: New Atlantic Initiative | European Atlantic Group | British Atlantic Committee


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