Associazione Amici d’Israele

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Associazione Amici d’Israele is a Milan based non profit group created in 1997.

According to its own website:

We do not manipulate news as unfortunately we read in many propaganda sites. We are just people who are tired of reading and listening to gross trash, half truths, half lies and omissions that fuel hatred among peoples.
We believe in friendship and loyalty.
ADI welcomes friends of all ages and beliefs, united in the equal desire to inform and inform, to understand and help understand, trying to counter the propaganda of hatred against Israel. We are convinced that anti-Zionism is an integral part of the rambling disease that is anti-Semitism: that is why we fight with passion and determination to ensure that the reasons for Israel are recognized by public opinion.
We want justice and for this reason we will always fight together, different but united in our love for an honest truth and for Israel.[1]





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