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The Association of Estonian Food Industry (Eesti Toiduainetööstuse Liit in Estonian) was founded in 1993. It 'represents and promotes the interests of Estonian food and drink industries.'[1]

The ETL gives its mission as follows:

Our mission is to promote and support the development of Estonian food industry and economy, and to provide assistance in the development of ethical business environment.
The Association of Estonian Food Industry:
  • represents the interests of Estonian food industry in the development of national economic policy and is contributing to establishment of a favourable regulatory and economic framework in the EU integration process;
  • interacts with authorities, producers, trade and other interested parties by co-operating in all the links of the food chain;
  • monitors and provides input in the food industry related legislative process;
  • promotes high quality food among consumers;
  • co-operates with the FoodDrinkEurope and its branch organisations on the EU level;
  • organises training and information exchange.[1]




A- Vorst OÜ | A. Le Coq AS | Atria Eesti AS | Balbiino AS | Coca-Cola HBC Eesti AS | Eesti Müsli OÜ | Eesti Pagar AS | Fazer Eesti AS | Kadarbiku Köögivili OÜ | Kalev Chocolate Factory AS | Kikas Kaubandus OÜ | Largo AS | Leibur AS | Lightfood OÜ | Linda Nektar AS | Liviko AS | Luha AV OÜ | Lunden Food OÜ | Maag Grupp AS | Marmiton AS | Mikaado OÜ | Nantecom OÜ | Nordhaus OÜ | Pere AS | Polar Sun Products OÜ | Premia Foods AS | Profexpo OÜ | Põltsamaa Felix AS | Rakvere Lihakombinaat AS | Rõngu Mahl AS | Saarek AS | Saaremaa Lihatööstus OÜ | Saarioinen Eesti OÜ | Saku Õlletehase AS | Salvest AS | Sangaste Linnas AS | Santa Maria AS | Spratfil AS | Tarplani Kaubanduse OÜ | Tartu Mill AS | Tere AS | Uvic AS | Valio Eesti AS | VGA Kaubandus AS | Võhu Vein AS [2]

Trade associations


Director Sirje Potisepp | Consultant-project manager Kadri Tiitso

Policy Positions

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The Association of Estonian Food Industry is a full member of the FoodDrinkEurope and a member of the Estonian Employers Confederation, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce.[1]

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Address: Saku 15, Tallinn 11314
Tel: (372) 6484978
Fax: (372) 6312718
Web page:


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