Association Francaise des Conseils en Affaires Publique

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The Fransaise des Conseils en Affaires Publique (l'AFCAP) is the trade body for French professional lobbyists.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the lobbying industry is very different in France than in Anglofone, or at least Anglo-Saxon countries. The creation of l'AFCAP suggests that the notion of French exceptionalism is probably overstated (in much the same way that in 1979 American sociologist G. William Domhoff 'found' a French Council on Foreign Relations, l'IFRI, when French academics thought no such institution existed).

The organisational structure, membership profile and activities of l'AFCAP will look very familiar to those with even a passing knowledge of lobbying associations in the UK or US, whose principle purpose is to promote self-regulation of lobbying.


The membership of l'AFCAP includes a mix of transnational communication companies such as APCO, Burson Marsteller, Hill & Knowlton and First & 42nd, with local lobbyists, lawyers, and PRs.

Agence Capucine, conseil en affaires publiques
Alliantis, conseil en affaires publiques
APCO, conseil en communication et affaires publiques
Burson Marsteller, conseil en communication et affaires publiques
D.M.L, conseil en restructuration
First&42nd, agence dediee au consulting et a la responsabilite sociale d'entreprise
Garrault & Robine, conseil aupras du monde associatif et de ses partenaires
Herbert Smith, cabinet d'avocats
Hill & Knowlton, conseil en communication et affaires publiques
Manifeste, conseil en communication responsable
Mathieu Boissavy, cabinet d'avocats
Seance Publique, conseil en affaires publiques
TMO-Regions (groupe TMO-CSA), institut d'etudes et de sondage
Together, conseil en strategie de marque
Valoritem, edition pedagogique institutionnelle


Xavier DELACROIX, President de l'AFCAP, President de First&42nd Capucine FANDRE,Vice-Presidente de l'AFCAP, Agence Capucine Philippe GRABLI, Tresorier de l'AFCAP, D.M.L Mathieu BOISSAVY, Secretaire General de l'AFCAP, avocat