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Aspect Consulting is a PR company founded in November 2004 specializing in:

  • Organisational alignment communications
  • External reputation management
  • Political communication support

Message for Georgia

On 7 August 2008, Georgia invaded South Ossetia and bombarded Tskhinvali. Russian forces routed the Georgian forces and entered Georgian territory. From the beginning the Georgian propaganda was run by Aspect Consulting – a fact admitted by James Hunt on 19 September 2008 on BBC's NewsWatch[1]. Aspect Consulting bombarded news organizations with a "Georgia is the victim of Russian aggression" message, and managed to land many such messages on the main newsmedia, especially the BBC.

James Hunt:

I think we tried to understand the way in which Western news organisations work better than the Russians did in the sense that we put human beings in front of the camera. We recognised the need for emotionalism in emotional times rather than the way that the Russians did which was to keep, if you like a very robotic, very old fashioned media approach. We also recognised the need to feed the rolling news channels with the constant updates of what was happening. [2]


As of 2008

Brussels Office
James Hunt Frans Green Patrick Worms
Martin Light Sinead O'Laoire Sylvie Aitken
Dominique Lemort Christopher Flores Marie-Jeanne Capuano
Christina Roosen Nicoleta Raportaru Aymeric Leruste
Caroline van Rennes Sybil Collignon
Paris Office
François Ramaget Anne-Gaël Girard
London Office
Harry Hunt Oliver Cann Lisa Bryant
Ben McCarthy

Source (accessed: 27 October 2008)[3]
† = Recent addition since 21 September 2008


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