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Aras Karim Habib is INC's intelligence chief who fled Iraq before being served a warrant for passing classified US documents to Iran. He has long been suspected of spying for Iran. According to Vincent Cannistraro, Habib was the person who supplied the German intelligence with Curveball, the con-man on whose false testimony the Bush administration based its case about Iraq's non-existent mobile biological weapons labs.[1]

Saddam Hussein's regime allegedly ordered Omar Ismael to get close to him in 2000. Habib claimed to have been told that Hussein offered 40 million dinars for his death.[2]

Intelligence Newsletter describes his background as follows:

Son of the former secretary -general of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, he studied in Baghdad before espousing fundamentalist Shi'ite ideas shortly after Khomenei came to power in Tehran. Due to his religious activism, Karim was forced to leave the country and take refuge in Iran, where he joined the Psadarans' Ramadan Force unit. It carried out numerous operations inside Iraq. When Kurdish zone was created in the early 1990s he joined Massud Barzani's Democratic Party of Kurdistan. He enrolled in its intelligence service headed by Karim Sanjani, to later establish ties with the CIA and the Turkish secret service MIT.[3]


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