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Global warming.jpg This article is part of the Climate project of Spinwatch.

Dr Anne-Marie Warris is a climate change and emissions trading expert who regularly advises and contributes to world summits and UNCTAD and OCIMF discussions. She is the Lloyd’s Register Group’s leading climate change expert and chair of the UK Emissions Trading Group. She also chairs the International Standardization Organization's 140001 Technical Subcommittee on greenhouse gases and attends GHG intersessionals, and authored the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS 2007) (based substantially on ISO 14064-2, ISO 14064-3 and ISO 14065). She represented the Lloyd’s Register Group at the Copenhagen COP 15 summit.[1]

She was elected member of The Institute of Energy Council and Executive Committee for 5 years, supported actively the development of the Engineering Council’s “Guidelines on Environmental Issues” and participated on the judging panel for the Engineering Council’s Environmental Award. [2]

Anne-Marie holds an MBA from London Business School, a PhD in Combustion from Imperial College, and a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers University in Sweden. [3]



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