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Andrew Smith was deputy to Ian Greer at the ill-fated lobby firm Ian Greer Associates in 1996.[1]

In 1994 it was reported that ‘Of Mr Greer's staff, 43 are members of or sympathisers with the Tories, another seven Labour supporters or members.’ [2]

Greer reportedly demanded much of his staff:

One former employee said: "Staff are expected to get up at 6 am to read the morning's Hansard and get all the relevant bits faxed to clients by 8.45 am. On Sundays, he expected you to read all the papers and if there was anything affecting the clients you were involved with, to contact them immediately to see if anything needed to be done." In return, pay is high.

At the time Greer’s chief assistant was Andrew Smith, ‘who joined as a 19-year-old in 1984 and is described as "the son Ian never had". Plucked from a job as filing clerk in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, he is now deputy managing director with ambitions to become an MP.’

Greer's lawyer, Andrew Stone, ‘who works for Lewis Silkin, and his auditor and accountant, Ian Mablin, who works for Wilson Wright, are both non-executive directors.’ The three associate directors included Robbie MacDuff, Patrick Ferreira, ‘a former airline steward’; and Jeremy Sweeney, ‘a Tory well known for his love of fishing, hunting and shooting.’[3]


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