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Andrew Garfield is the founder of Glevum Associates. He has wide expertise in the fields of Counter Terrorism (CT), Counter Insurgency (COIN), Psychological Operations (PSYOP), Information Operations (IO) and Strategic Communications (SC) [1] and he is a supporter of these warfare techniques. He has stated that

"While terminology may vary— some officials refer to information operations as strategic communications, influence operations, psychological operations, perception management, or just propaganda—the intent to influence the hearts and minds of target audiences through the effective use of information remains constant" [2].


In the past Mr. Garfield has worked both for the UK and US governments. He is a graduate of the British Army and for eleven years he was a member of the British Army Intelligence Corps serving in Germany, Northern Ireland and Belize [3]. His last UK government post was as a policy adviser in the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) where he also became the first IO Staff Officer in the mid 1990s [4]. Since moving to the United States in 2004 he has worked exclusively for US clients, the most important ones of these being the US Department of Defence (DoD), the US Army, and the Department of State.

The private companies that Mr. Garfield has been involved with have often been contracted to work for the governmental defence sector. These include the Lincoln Group and the Terrorism Research Center. Currently he is also a member of two independent think tanks, the international affairs think tank Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) where he is a Senior Fellow [5], and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) which engages in defence and security research and where Mr. Garfield is a US director [6].

Mr. Garfield is also engaged in scholarly pursuits of teaching and research. After leaving the UK government post in 2002 he became a Deputy Director of International Policy Institute at King's College London from which position he lectured and consulted on international security issues in the UK and the US. In the US he lectures extensively including for the US Army, National Defence University, the Naval Postgraduate School [7], the Defence Intelligence Agency and Fourth Psychological Operations Group [8]. He has also undertaken several research projects for example leading three major projects for the DoD on counter terrorism and counter insurgency [9], and a joint UK and US study regarding a strategy to reform the Afghan National Police and wider Afghan justice sector. He contributes regularly to academic journals, such as the Wall Street Journal, ORBIS (a Foreign Policy Research Institute’s quarterly journal of world affairs) and Middle East Quarterly.

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