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American Patrol, American Border Patrol and Voices of Citizens Together are all part of the same group.

The organisation became active in 1992 under the name Voices of Citizens Together

USUAL AREA OF OPERATION: California, Arizona (border counties)


Leader: Glenn Spencer

Aims and Activities

The focus of ABP's efforts appears to be on propaganda and supporting the efforts of other vigilante groups that patrol regions near Mexico. The group claims to fight for U.S. sovereignty by demanding removal of "illegals" and maintaining border security. It provides its members with materials, tools and instructions on how to report "illegals" and lobby their local and national government for immigration reform. The organization's radio program, American Patrol, routinely airs interviews of anti-immigrant individuals with racist mindsets.

In addition to its propaganda and lobbying activities, American Border Patrol describes itself as an

organization founded to bring the crisis called Illegal Immigration to the forefront of the American public's consciousness. By using high tech, innovative equipment, ABP members detect, locate and report illegal immigration as it occurs. ABP has a mandate to make information about illegal immigration available to the public. We do this through the use of the internet and other media. ABP has a strict hands off policy, unlike other border action groups who are interested in this issue, we adhere to a strict observe and report policy. Our goal is to show the American people that the problem can be resolved, and we know how to do it!

According to The organization, allegedly, strongly supports the viewpoints and philosophies of several extremist organizations with similar ideologies, including members of the racially prejudiced Council of Conservative Citizens. Glenn Spencer claims that he supports (and is supported by) the Jewish Defense League.