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Resignation of Akeela Ahmed from the Muslim Youth Helpline

According to a blog post by Assed Baig:

A helpline for Muslim youngsters has been suspended and its CEO has resigned amid a furious row over the apparent forwarding of confidential information to a police anti-terror unit. Muslim Youth Helpline, which was established in 2004, has been put on ice by bosses after private emails were leaked onto a blog detailing the “disgusting” breach of confidentiality.
Muslim Youth Helpline volunteers say they are “shocked and disgusted” at the incident after details were posted on a blog called MYH Whistleblower and claim it came as part of a “personal vendetta” by the charity boss. The charity’s former CEO, Akeela Ahmed had claimed those calling for her resignation were “racists”, “homophobes”, and “extremists”.
She allegedly worked with husband Nafeez Ahmed to contact officers in anti-extremism programme “Prevent” to further the complaint after initial attempts to involve police failed to gain traction. In a private email to Chief Inspector James Spencer in Prevent, Nafeez wrote: “The police officers we have spoken to don’t appreciate the insidious dynamic of what is going on as an extremist attempt to, effectively, forcibly takeover one of this country’s leading progressive Muslim charities.”
The Chief inspector replied, “The fact that you have concerns with your knowledge and experience of these issues does make me genuinely concerned”, adding, “I have already contacted SO15 Counter Terrorism Command and provided details.” Mr Ahmed, who heads think tank the Institute for Policy Research and Development (IPRD) made no attempt to deny the veracity of the leaked emails, saying: “These emails are confidential and have been unlawfully leaked.”
A statement from 30 signatories involved with the Muslim Youth Helpline published on the MYH Whistleblower blog on Saturday 9th June stated that they were: “Deeply disappointed and dismayed that in today’s current climate of fear and Islamaphobia that these two individuals would go to such an extent.[1]

Career and affiliations


  • Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group Government advisor and working group member, Jan 2012 – Present. Since 2012, I have been a Ministerially-appointed UK government advisor, sitting on the Cross Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred based at the UK Department for Communities and Local Government, recently I was appointed Chair of the Independent members of the Working Group. In this capacity I have consulted for Facebook, Twitter, IPSO and others, to provide them an understanding of the language and nature of anti-Muslim hatred. I regularly meet with senior government officials, Ministers and provide briefings on a range of issues affecting grass roots communities. I was also previously appointed to the British government’s Office for the Children’s Commissioner advisory panel on the Child Sex Abuse in the Family Environment Inquiry.
  • Seaside CIC Director, Dates Employed Mar 2015 – Present. Seaside is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing specialist accommodation and support services for vulnerable people in Brighton & Hove.
  • She Speaks We Hear Founder and Editor, Oct 2014 – Present. She Speaks We Hear is an online platform for women of any background, to be heard on their terms without being hijacked or silenced by sexism, racism or social disadvantage. Initially this project focuses on women from a Muslim background. However, in due course, I hope to share other experiences too, and welcome women from all backgrounds to get involved.
  • Consultant Jul 2012 – Present. I provide consultancy services, (often pro-bono), to not for profit organisations in the following areas:
1. Fundraising, income diversification, community fundraising, major donor fundraising and grant writing for charities or social enterprises
2. Social media and communications strategies
3. Strategic planning, review and change management
4. Business planning
5. Governance for not for profit organisations
6. Youth, gender and policy issues
7. Partnership building and multi-agency working


  • King's College London, U. of London, MSc Mental Health Studies 2005 – 2007
  • UCL Bachelor of Science (BSc), Physics, Grade 2:1, 1996 – 2000[2]



Twitter: @AkeelaAhmed
Web: akeelaahmed.com/
Internet Archive holdings of: akeelaahmed.com
Archive version of LinkedIn: Akeela Ahmed. Captured 20 March 2020.


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