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Advanced Strategic Initiatives, Inc. (ASI) provides a wide variety of services and support to government and commercial clients through diplomatic, military, academic, and business subject matter experts. It is a partner of Strategic Communication Laboratories.

Special Government Services

According to their website ASI people are chosen for their 'innovative thinking, proven staff and command experience and extensive service in dangerous and demanding overseas posts.' [1]

ASI develops intellectual capital for the US national security community, provides onsite support to Air Combat Command Information Operations Directorate, offers a collection of talent that includes former ambassadors, senior Foreign Service officers, and other military officers at the senior and flag levels. ASI also claims to offer:

"expertise in all national security disciplines to include Special Operations, Psychological Operations, military theory and doctrine, insurgency, aerospace integration, and diplomatic affairs.


ASI is comprised of a large group of individuals representing the national security, diplomatic, business, and academic communities including:

The US Government and Business Communities are Target Clients Currently USAF is Primary Client


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