Wyn Jones (Police Officer)

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'Wyn Jones was an Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police when on 12 December 1990, the Sun claimed he had taken 'freebie holidays' from Asil Nadir, and had carried out 'unofficial work' in vetting his security staff.[1]

An inquiry headed by West Yorkshire Police cleared Jones of any criminal misconduct, but a special disciplinary tribunal found 10 of 31 allegations were 'proved and reprehensible' and showed a pattern of behaviour which made Mr Jones unfit to hold office. The tribunal recommended last year that the Home Secretary should ask the Queen to withdraw his warrant - a move required because of his seniority. Jones denied the allegations, claiming he was the subject of a witch- hunt because of his plans for radical reforms within the Metropolitan Police. But he failed to win a judicial review of the case and his dismissal followed two weeks later.[2]

In 1998, Wyn-Jones was fined £400 for shop-lifting.

In 1999, his brother Sergeant Russell Jones was suspended in an expenses probe. Russell Jones was one of several detectives attached to the Metropolitan Police witness protection scheme. he had previously worked on the Brink's Mat gold bullion robbery and was one of three officers who captured robber George Parry.[3]


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