World Alliance for Decentralised Energy

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Previously the International Cogeneration Alliance (founded in 1997 as part of UNFCCC negotiations), WADE was formed in 2002 to promote decentralised energy technology and industry. Though its main base is in Washington, WADE ione of the UK registered observer parties to the COP summits.

"WADE’s five key objectives and programmes

1. To provide its Members and supporters with value added market intelligence, information and business opportunities 2. To bring about effective power sector reform which eliminates barriers to DE and creates real market opportunity for DE; 3. To co-ordinate the creation and monetisation of high quality carbon credits from DE projects; 4. To compile global data on all aspects of DE development; 5. To support the establishment of DE groups in every country."[1]


Funding and finances





National Affiliates

Arctic Energy Alliance, Canada Association of Power Producers of Ontario, Canada Canadian American Business Council, USA/Canada Canadian GeoExchange Coalition, Canada Canadian Solar Industries Association, Canada Canadian Wind Energy Association, Canada Centre for Distributed Energy and Power, Australia The Clearlight Foundation COGEN Chezk, Chezkslovakia COGEN Europe, Belgium COGEN India, India COGEN Portugal, Portugal COGEN Nederland, the Netherlands COGEN Rio, Brazil COGEN SP, Brazil COGENA - Italian Cogeneration Association Cogeneration Study Committee, China Delta State Government, Nigeria Electro-Federation of Canada, Canada Futuregreensolutions, UK Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy, Canada International Energy Agency, France Petroleum Technology Association of Canada, Canada The Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy ( PIGEO), Poland Pollution Probe, Canada Savona Campus, University of Genoa, Italy UK CHP Association, UK US CHP Association, USA

Corporate Affiliates

AGI Limited, Canada Alberta Research Council, Canada Alterna Energy, Canada BluePower, Canada Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Canada Capstone Turbines Corporation, USA Caterpillar, USA Centrax Gas Turbines, UK Chevron, USA Combustion, Energy and Steam Specialists, UK Cummins Power Generation, USA Dalkia, France Detroit Diesel-Allison Canada East, Canada DDACE Power Systems, Canada E4, Canada Ecolity Corporation, Canada EMF Technical Services, Canada Enbridge, Canada Enercon Engineering, USA Energy Capital, Singapore Enersource, Canada Enmax Power, Canada Facing the Future, Canada FuelCell Energy, USA GE Energy Geomat Ika Information Systems, Canada Howell-Mayhew Engineering, Canada ICF International, USA JMK Consulting, Canada Malcolm & Associates, Canada Marubeni Power International, Japan Mitcon Consultancy Services, India New Energy Corporation, Canada Northwest Territories Power Corporation, Canada Ormat Technologies, Turkey Overview Business Consulting, Canada Peter Brotherhood, UK Portfire Associates, Canada Primary Energy, USA PT. Kaltimex Energi, Indonesia Pyecombe Consulting Services, Canada Recycled Energy Development, USA Renewable Energy Services, Canada Renewable Energy Solutions, Canada Resources Assistance Development, USA Rocky Mountain Power, Canada Rolls-Royce Marine Engines, Norway S&L Generation Consulting, Canada Saint Gobain, France Strategic Capital Investments, USA Siemens, Germany SMS Energy-Engineering, Canada Solar Turbines, USA Statoil, Norway Sustainable Energy Technologies, Canada Sustainable Resources Management, Canada Sustainable Ventures, Canada Tedom, Czech Republic Thermax, India Tognum, Germany Wärtsilä, Finland Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, Canada Ventus, Canada



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External Resources


  1. WADE, "WADE Mission Statement", WADE website. Accessed 13/02/09