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Whole Education is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation involved in education reform.

It describes itself as a 'partnership of schools and organisations committed to redefining today’s educational offering.'


Whole Education offers conferences, workshops and programmes to schools in its network.

  • More than a fifth of the sessions at Whole Education's 2013 conference, 'Journeys to Outstanding', focused on technology in teaching and learning, including sessions featuring Google's Chromebook laptops for schools, Apple's iPads, and discussions on 'How ‘Bring Your Own Device’ is transforming learning'. The conference brochure quoted McKinsey & Company's controversial 2010 education report ('The journey from great to excellent systems focuses on creating an environment that will unleash the creativity and innovation of its educators'). The conference was sponsored by, among others: OCR (examination board); Future Leaders; and BT.
  • In 2013 Whole Education also hosted a webinar with 'global education thought leader and expert, author, and inventor' Charles Fadel on 21st Century Curriculum.

Interest in technology to teach

Whole Education also runs a series of 'Interests Groups', which it says 'help schools to learn with, and from, each other in providing a whole education'. A number of these interest groups have a particular focus on the role of technology in teaching, including:

  • Driving Digital Fluency: 'how digital literacy can be embedded throughout the school, how both staff and students can be instrumental in this, and how mobile devices can open doors to enhanced pedagogy'.
  • Flipped and self-regulated learning: Flipped learning is where children learn content at home, often online, and then practice what they have learnt in the classroom (as they do with standard homework). The group looks at the technology and pedagogy behind flipped learning.
  • Innovations in Literacy: this group looks at 'innovations' that improve literacy, including 'examining various forms of technology specifically focused on enhancing literacy.'

Sponsors and partners

Whole Education is supported by the following organisations:

Other supporting organisations listed on its website include:

Among its partners listed in 2015 are:

Other partners listed on its site include:


Board of Directors


Twitter: @WholeEducation; @johndunford
Address: c/o CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH


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