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From the V7 website:

Europe is currently plagued by a small minority best described as extreme Islamists. Individuals who want to establish Sharia law in Europe in all its savagery; individuals who treat women and non Muslims as inferiors. Their ideology is worse than the Nazis and merits prevention and abolition at all costs.
V7 is a privately-funded investigative movement, designed to put pan-European pressure on extreme Islamists - wherever they try to take hold, wherever they manifest their barbaric ideology, wherever they try to infiltrate Europe’s existing structures. Working alongside governments and security services focused on preventing terrorism, V7 picks up the slack when it comes to preventing culturalist Islamist extremism manifesting itself in horrors such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Forced Marriages and Honour Killings.
V7 - employing the continent’s best investigators and liaising with the finest TV journalists - seeks to present evidence of extreme Islamist strategies happening in Europe to EU officials and individual European national and local governments, so that loopholes allowing such extremists to flourish are closed down and the extreme Islamists get exposed. V7 will seek prosecutions where they are due.
V7 is not pitted against all Muslims. Indeed, sitting on its steering committee are very influential Muslims representing the vast majority of European Muslims who see extreme Islamists as misinterpreters of their faith. V7 is for all those Muslims who just want to get on with life, co-exist peacefully with European citizens, and sideline the extremists.[1]

Walking away from Vigil

Dominic leaves VIGIL at the end of May to head up a new operation called V7 Europe www.v7europe.com. V7 Europe seeks to investigate encroaching extreme Islamism in European member states; its investigative remit includes Muslim faith schools, infiltration of police forces, immigration departments and local government by extreme Islamists, as well as highlighting cases of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and Muslim honor violence across the continent.[2]