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Tony Waters is the Principal Officer of C13 Associates Limited and served for 30 years in the British Police. The majority of his service was as a supervising Detective on the Fraud Squads of the West Midlands Police and City of London Police where for 10 years he was seconded to the Serious Fraud Office in London on high profile cases such as BCCI, Barings Bank/Nick Leason and many other cases.
In 2000 upon leaving the Police he was appointed Deputy Managing Director of a large central London security consultancy (BSB Group) and had responsibility for the Fraud Management Division where he provided services to many ‘blue chip’ UK companies, Banks and law firms.
Under the C13 Associates ‘umbrella’, Tony is retained as a consultant to the Serious Fraud Office and has other C13 associates staff deployed there and at other UK Government departments as investigators.[1]



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