Tim Spicer

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Career in brief

1974 Joined army, 21 SAS
1976 Sandhurst, Scots Guards
1982 Falklands. Becomes major in :1985
1986-87 Company commander in Northern Ireland
1990 Joint planning group Desert Storm
1991 Military assistant to Gen Peter de la Billière
1991-93 Special Forces
1994 MA for Gen Sir Michael Rose in Sarajevo
1996 Leaves army. Sets up Sandline International
1997 Arrested during military coup in Papua New Guinea, which prevents Sandline intervention in Bougainville conflict.
1998 Arms to Africa Affair. Testifies to House of Commons over Sandline intervention in Sierra Leone.
2002 Chief executive, Aegis Defence Services
2004 Aegis wins major US security contract in Iraq.
2007 Aegis Iraq contract renewed.

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