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The Aims of the Bow Group

The Bow Group has four clear objectives:

To contribute to the formation of Conservative Party Policy.

To publish members' work.

To arrange meetings, debates and conferences.

To provide research about political and social problems.[1]

The History Of The Bow Group

Young and ambitious Tories - a brief history of the Bow Group

The Bow Group started, in February 1951, as an association of Conservative graduates, set up by a number of students who wanted to carry on discussing policy and ideas after they had left university. They were also concerned by the monopoly which socialist ideas had in intellectual university circles. It originally met at Bow, East London, from which it takes its name.

Since its foundation the Bow Group has been a great source of policy ideas, and many of its papers have had a direct influence on government policy and the life of the nation. Although it has no corporate view, it has at times been associated with views both of left and right - always within the broad beliefs of the Conservative Party.

Broadly, much of the Group's thought can be categorised as supporting both a market economy and social responsibility.

The Bow Group remains at the forefront of new thinking within the Conservative Party, focusing in the new parliament on welfare, inner cities, social deprivation, environmental policy, public services and the causes of crime. A selection of papers is available in the Research section of this site.[2]

Current Members of The Bow Group Council

Council is the governing body of the Bow Group. The Bow Group is a voluntary organisation and its Council is elected in May each year. Click on the appropriate name to email any Council member.

  • The Bow Group - Council 2005/6

  • Officers
    • Kwasi Kwarteng
  • Sam Gyimah
Research Secretary
  • David Branch
Political Officer
  • Craig Rimmer
Secretary Editor, Crossbow
  • Rachel Carson
Social Secretary
  • James Staunton
Press Officer
  • Barry McLeoud-Cullinane
Membership Secretary
  • Jonathan Newton
  • Camilla Barker
Council Deputy Editor, Crossbow

  • Members
    • Christopher Mahon
Commercial Secretary
  • Chris Skidmore
Council Unthinkable events
  • Vita Maynard
  • Stuart Hooker
  • Virginia Morris
Council Creative Director
  • Annesley Abercorn
  • Charlotte Leslie
  • Stuart Baldock
  • Patrick Kidd
  • Irene Harris
Bow Group Office Administrator
  • Chris Philp
Ex Chairman