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Text describing Henry's House moved to dedicated page for the company


The following section needs a reference...

Henry's environmental programme

What kind of environment have Henry's House created? Most of their claims to fame building come across as cross promotion: They did PR for Virgin and Big Brother, then “We arranged for Goldie Lookin’ Chain to pose at our Virgin Mobile kebab van to raise awareness of the Virgin Mobile customer only gigs.” They have “represented Will Young since the beginning of his career” and “We have promoted two series of the award winning TV show Pop Idol to UK TV audiences”. “We launched Johnny Vaughan’s breakfast show for Capital FM”. Their own PR argues that: “We made the Schweppes ‘You Know Who’ advertising campaign famous by generating over £800k worth of press coverage”, although that particular campaign has been going since the 70s.[1]


The following section also needs referenced (links to Henry's Home page, need to look through it to find relevant page & add direct URL link). Also 1st sentence appears quite speculative, consider revising?


Henry does give some indication that he knows PR can be a con:

“Most of the major PR agencies in the UK construct their business around writing strategies, drawing up Q&As, drafting positioning statements, scripting advertorials, collating briefing packs, printing press kits and countless other bits of waffle that underpin our daily trade. This rationalising process gets charged to the clients, who in most cases seem happy to pay for it as they have been told that these are necessary building blocks in the construction of the great PR event.”[2]
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