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Subodh Das.

Dr Subodh K Das is a key aluminium researcher, academic and friend of the aluminium industry.

Dr Das is president and chief executive officer of Secat Inc - the main research body for the Aluminium Industry. He is also director of the Center for Aluminium Technology at the University of Kentucky and a faculty member in the University of Kentucky’s Mechanical Engineering Department. He was elected to the board of the Aluminium Association in 2007. [1]

According to the Aluminium Association:

'He started his career in the aluminium industry as a research scientist at ALCOA research center in 1974.'
'Prior to assuming his current position as President of Secat, Inc., Dr. Das was the Vice President of Research and Development for ARCO Aluminium, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2002, Dr.Das was elected as a Fellow of the American Society Of Metals, International. He is also the recipient of the 2000 Aluminium Distinguished Service Award from the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society.'[2]

Aluminium and climate

Some of his recent work has looked at the potential for aluminium to save carbon emissions through lighter vehicles. A critique of some of this work can be seen at the European Aluminium Association page.


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