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Stephen Speed is the director of energy development at the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

His role covers 'looking after UK oil and gas reserves including new shale gas plays, the environmental regulation of offshore oil and gas activity and the management of the legacy of former nationalised coal mining activities. His team also advises ministers on major energy infrastructure planning consent decisions.

Speed is a former acting director general (DG), International Climate Change and Energy Efficiency at DECC.


From his biography in 2013:

[Speed's] group leads on international climate change negotiations as well as delivering key energy efficiency programmes at home, including the Green Deal, Smart Meters and Renewable Heat Incentives. Prior to this Stephen was Director of Energy Development at DECC, looking after UK oil and gas reserves including new shale gas sources, managing the legacy of former nationalised coal mining activities and advising Ministers on major energy infrastructure planning consents.
Before joining DECC, Stephen was Inspector General and Chief Executive of The Insolvency Service. The Service oversaw the administration of personal bankruptcies, statutory redundancy payments and the investigation of corporate and personal financial misconduct, securing well over a thousand director disqualifications every year.
Previously Stephen has had a varied career in the Department of Trade and Industry and its successors, leading on regional economic development, telecoms regulation and broadband rollout and funding policy for the UK’s science and research base.

In 2010, Stephen was elected chair of the Association of Chief Executives (ACE), the professional body for chief executives working in government arms’-length bodies. He was also appointed Vice Chair of the International Association of Insolvency Regulators (IAIR), the international body that brings together insolvency regulators around the world. [1]



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