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Stephen Kline is Professor of Communications at Simon Fraser University Canada.

Biographical Information


  • 1977 Ph.D. Psychology, London School of Economics, UK

Structure and characteristics of television news broadcasting: their effects upon opinion change.

  • 1970 B.A. Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada

Current activities

Klines current research interests include,

  • Advertising
  • Children’s media & culture
  • Audience research
  • Public communication campaigns
  • Non-broadcast video designs & uses.[1]



In reply to an e-mail inquiry in January 2009 regarding his membership of the AEF Kline stated that he had been a member since around 2003. While the membership entailed his name being posted on the network, contact was minimal. He further stated, "I suppose I am typical of many academics who work in the area of children's advertising etc. I have used the resources of the AEF from time to time but other than that do not really function within the network." [3]

Publications, Contact, Resources and Notes



Phone:778-782-4793 / 3434



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