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Stanley Kalms (born 21 November 1931) is the former treasurer of The Conservative Party and a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel. He was the Director of the Centre for Policy Studies think tank from 1991-2001.


Kalms is the life president and former chairman of DSG International (formerly Dixons Group). DSG owns, Currys, The Link and PC World outlets. He spent his entire career from 1948 working for Dixons, which was founded by his father Charles Kalms in 1937[1].

Renewing One Nation

Kalms provided £300,000 funding for Tim Montgomerie to establish the Renewing One Nation group within the Conservative Party. The funding was provided on the condition that the organisation be non-denominational. [2] Renewing One Nation was a predecessor to the Centre for Social Justice [3] and claimed that the Conservative Party's proposed tax cuts would 'foster a compassionate society where people are rewarded for taking responsibility for themselves, their families and their communities.' [4] According to Chris Cook:

Criticism of William Hague

Lord Kalms criticised William Hague in 2006 for describing the Israeli military attack on Lebanon ad a "disproportionate" response, calling him an "ignorant armchair critic" and arguing that his remarks were "downright dangerous"[5].


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