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The Scottish American Investment Company P.L.C. (SAINTS) is an investment trust that principally aims to achieve balanced growth in both income and capital. It invests predominantly in United Kingdom and overseas equities, but also has investments in bonds and direct United Kingdom property. It is the second oldest investment trust in the UK.


SAINTS was initially formed by William Menzies, an Edinburgh lawyer, in March 1873. He had visited the United States on several occasions during the 1860s and was struck by the wealth of investment opportunities in the post Civil War environment.

Initially, SAINTS invested solely in railroad bonds but broadened out over time to include shares, bonds and industrial, commercial and public utility companies. [1] That is the company is a classic example of the 19th century movement of capital out of Scotland and into the US.


Menzies Campbell's register of interests, February 2008, declares a directorship of Scottish American Investment Company PLC worth between £15,001-£20,000.[2]

Janet Morgan is non executive board member and author of the book, The Secrets of Rue St Roch, which "tells the exciting story of Captain George Bruce (later Lord Balfour of Burleigh and father of the present Lord Balfour) and the underground espionage mission which he set up behind enemy lines."[3]


Calton Square, 1 Greenside Row, Edinburgh, EH1 3AN, United Kingdom


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