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According to their website:

Proton Power Systems, through its subsidiary Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH (“PM”), has developed and produced a standard hydrogen fuel cell module, integrated with an energy storage system to create an electric fuel cell hybrid system capable of providing power during peak demand situations. PM focuses on industrial applications where ‘back-to-base’ refuelling occurs on site at the end of each shift or work period.
Proton has identified opportunities to replace lead-acid batteries with their PEM fuel cell systems, and has found niche markets in the material handling and mass-transportation sectors, where electric fuel cell hybrid systems offer considerable advantages over conventional engine technology and fuel cell only drive systems.
The many advantages of PM’s standard fuel cell model over current commercial alternatives include lower fuel consumption, longer periods between refuelling, shorter refuelling time, consistent levels of power delivery and zero harmful emissions.
PM’s technology development has been undertaken with the key objectives of multiple applications and volume production.
PPS was admitted to trading on AIM on October 31, 2006 with a market capitalisation of £25m.[1]



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