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Private Hospitals Alliance is a UK based lobby group representing the five largest private hospital groups in the UK. Previously known as H5 or H5 Private Hospitals Alliance, it was launched in September 2010, coinciding with the government's NHS White Paper, Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS.[1]


PHA's members account for 80% of the country’s private hospitals and 85% of all private hospital beds.[2] It’s members are:

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PHA's media work is handled by Mihir Magudia of lobbying firm Westminster Advisers.[3] Prior to joining Westminster Advisers in 2007, Magudia was a researcher and speechwriter for the Liberal Democrat shadow cabinet.[4] He stood as a Lib Dem councillor in Islington in the 2010 council elections.[5]

Westminster Advisers MD, Dominic Church wrote in a blog entitled 'A new dawn for privatisation' in August 2010:

"The news that the Department of Health is seeking private investment in NHS Professionals is the beginning of the beginning for public service outsourcing on a massive scale... This is a big opportunity for private companies and investors who can spot the opportunities in government markets, develop offers that fit with ministerial priorities, and start a dialogue with the right officials through government relations."[6]


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