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Peter Brooke was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland from 24 July 1989 to 10 April 1992.[1] He was raised to the peerage as Baron Brooke of Sutton Mandeville in 2001.[2]

Northern Ireland Secretary

Kincora controversy

In February 1990, Brooke told Kevin McNamara, Labour's then Northern Ireland spokesman, that the Kincora affair had been investigated 'as fully and thoroughly as lies within the power of the Government to investigate it, and that no purpose would now be served by a further inquiry'.[3] In October 1990, Brooke conceded for the first time, that the reports about the Kincora home came to the attention of the police. In a letter to Kevin McNamara, he said: 'It is, with hindsight, regrettable that the rumours were not followed up earlier.'[4]

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