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Nuclear spin.png This article is part of the Nuclear Spin project of Spinwatch.

NuclearSpin Briefings archive 2009

To help people understand key issues on nuclear power, in 2009 NuclearSpin published a series of in-depth analysis pieces on key issues surrounding the debate around building new nuclear power plants in the UK. To access just click on the title (pdf downloads). We will be updating these briefings and associated pages in 2012.

An in-depth look at the costs and financing of the nuclear industry.

This briefing paper examines where new nuclear plants may be sited in the UK

Worried about how the government is going to spin nuclear waste? Then read this briefing paper.

A critical examination of the issues that surround decommissioning in the UK

A look at whether the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority used a "slush fund" to curry influence with local communities.