Noah Feldman

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Noah Feldman is an NYU based Orientalist who was appointed by the occupation authorities to write the new constitution for Iraq. He is an apologist for Israeli aggression against Lebanon.


...the fact that Hamas and Hezbollah owe much of their present standing to elections calls into question the viability of Middle Eastern democracy as a peaceful practice.
For its part, Israel is gambling that the right strategy is to make the people who elected Hamas and a government that includes Hezbollah reckon the costs of their representatives' recklessness. That is why Israel has targeted not only Hezbollah leaders and strongholds but has also bombed infrastructure that sustains daily life for everybody in Lebanon. From Israel's standpoint, this is no longer a fight with nonstate terrorists who are holding their fellow citizens hostage to their tactics. It is, rather, war between Israel and countries that are pursuing (or tolerating) violent policies endorsed (or at least accepted) by their electorates.
Democracy means that you cannot blame someone else for troubles caused by your own government.
... elections in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories owe much to America's democracy agenda... [1]