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For everything you ever wanted to know about the baby milk scandal and much more see

A French publication is available from ATTAC called 'Attac contre l'empire Nestlé' (May 2004) so far it hasn't been translated into English. Contact multisvd(at) or attac-Vaud, Case Postale 27, 1000 Lausanne 9, Switzerland.

A Nestle subvert is at:,a href="">

Richter, Judith, "Holding Corporations Accountable", Zed Books, 2001.


Support Aamir Raza, a former Nestlé employee in Pakistan who was is seeking to remain in Canada after suffering attacks and threats for speaking out against Nestlé marketing practices.,a href="">

More details about Oxfam's research and campaigning for fair coffee prices for farmers can be seen at

See the Colombia Solidarity Campaign website for more ideas how to support Nestlé workers and union members in Colombia, in particular

For more details of the 'Brazilian Citizen's Movement for Water' and their struggle against Nestlé see their website (in portuguese) or contact Franklin Fredrick at franklinf(AT)