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NNB GenCo Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of EDF Energy.

It was originally jointly owned with Centrica in a joint venture NNB Holding Company, set up after the two firms bought British Energy in June 2009 to build and operate four new nuclear power stations.[1][2] [3]

NNB GenCo has sole responsibility for licensed activity related to the design, construction, operation and eventual commissioning of UK EPRs. [3]

Its proclaimed mission is: 'Leading the way in building a fleet of safe, reliable nuclear power stations without costing the earth.' [4]

Hinkley Point C

In July 2010 NNB GenCo started a formal pre-application process for the authorisation of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. In December 2010 campaigners accused its owner EDF Energy of ‘jumping the gun’ by applying for planning permission for what it called ‘preliminary works’. This involved trashing over 400 acres of woodland, cornfields and coastline, and the excavation of more than 3.2 million cubic metres of soil, sub-soil and rocks - more than was dug out to prepare the site for the 2012 London Olympic Games. [5] EDF Energy was given the go ahead for the preliminary works in July 2011.[6]

EDF Energy had been expected to submit its application to the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) in December 2010, but in the end this wasn’t submitted until the last day of October 2011.[7] Local people who attended the preliminary hearing of the IPC into the EDF Energy application were shocked at the limited scope of the inquiry and the attitude of the lead commissioner. When one local resident asked who would look at the dangers of nuclear power and the impact on the health of local children, she was told the point was irrelevant and her microphone was turned off. [8]

Company details

NNB Generation Company Limited (NNB GenCo) was incorporated on 17 June 2009 as a private limited company. Company number is 06937084.

Registered office: :40 Grosvenor Place London SW1X 7EN
Principal office :The Qube, 90 Whitfield Street, London W1T 4EZ.


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