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NHS Partners Network (NHSPN) represents independent healthcare providers delivering NHS services and is one of the networks belonging to the NHS Confederation, an independent membership body for the full range of organisations that make up the National Health Service.

NHSPN says it is committed to "creating an environment, politically and with the public, where independent sector providers are able to become a fully integrated part of a mixed economy NHS." It argues that "full integration of independent sector providers will lead to more choice and better value for money for patients, taxpayers and shareholders."


According to a Unison document in 2008:

"The Network works to raise the profile of independent NHS healthcare providers and to build greater understanding of and support for the role they play in the NHS”, it says. When a leaked report from the Healthcare Commission aroused concerns about quality standards in ISTCs the Network “was able to exert influence to ensure that the final version was a fairer representation”. The NHSPN also worked closely with the CBI on its report on ISTCs and “contributed to the editorial process to ensure that the tone and presentation of the report was as helpful as possible”. The Network meets on a regular basis with ministers, advisors and civil servants in the Department of Health, as well as with opposition politicians.[1]

It employed the services of lobbying firm Whitehouse Consultancy Ltd[2] and used to employ APCO.[3]

NHSPN are currently clients of Incisive Health.[4]




29 Bressenden Place
London, SW1E 5DD
Website: http://www.nhsconfed.org



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