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Mithal Al-Alusi is a former Iraqi member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, but after he was fired from that post he postures as the founder of the Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation.

On 12 June 2008, the Henry Jackson Society announced a talk by al-Alusi at the House of Commons, and provided this profile:

Mithal al-Alusi is an elected member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives. He founded the Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation in 2005 after he was sacked from his ministerial position by his previous party, the Iraqi National Congress, for visiting Israel and daring to express the hope that there might be peace between the countries. He regularly speaks out against extremist parties and sectarianism, and paid the ultimate price for his outspoken stand when his two sons were killed in an assassination attempt aimed at his car. Despite this horrific loss, he has courageously stuck to his convictions and refuses to back down from expressing them. Mr al-Alusi is a Sunni Arab secularist politician and previously served as the General Director of Culture and Media at the Higher National Commission for De-Baathification.[1]


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