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One high-profile client is petrochemical giant Ineos. Media Zoo’s UK media relations and reputation management brief for this Swiss-based company includes communicating with trade organisations and governments in the US and Germany, which are key markets for Ineos. [1] Creative director Mark Killick works on the Ineos account [2] along with Andrew McLachlan and Hannah Brandstaetter.

Ineos seem pleased with the result according to Media Zoo's client page on their website: “The team at Media Zoo provide essential support to INEOS communications. Each year we seem to raise the profile of the company further, and it is clear we would not have had the success we have without Media Zoo.”

The PR firm produces Ineos' own TV channel, 'IN.TV'.

PR Junket for journos to greet INEOS shale gas supertanker arrival from the US

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INEOS wined and dined journalists and paid for their 4-star hotel overnight stays in Edinburgh plus return flights to the city, as part of a Media Zoo-organised PR junket to promote the arrival of its super gas tankers from the US. Scottish investigative site The Ferret reported that INEOS was due to host a dinner at the Wedgwood restaurant, with breakfast the following morning on a boat on the Firth of Forth ahead of meeting the gas tanker INEOS Insight. The event received extensive press coverage across the UK. [3]

Anti-fracking protests

In June 2015 seven anti-fracking demonstrators targeted and entered Media Zoo PR's offices in London as part of a Reclaim the Power national day of action against the fossil fuel industry. Five of the protesters later pleaded guilty to aggravated trespass at Hammersmith Magistrates Court in February 2016. [4] [5]


Other clients have included: American Express, Barclays, Closerstill Media Control Risks, Costa Coffee, Dulux, Fair Trade, Lloyds, Sapurakencana Drilling HSBC, Ikea M&S, Santander, Seadrill, Sidel, Sky [6]


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Address: 8 The Boulevard, Townmead Road, Imperial Wharf, London SW6 2UB
Tel: 0207 384 6980
Fax: 0207 736 0682



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